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This New Partnership for Africa' Development is a pledge by African leaders, based on a common vision and a firm and shared conviction, that they have a pressing duty to eradicate poverty and to place their countries, both individually and collectively, on a path of sustainable growth and development, and at the same time to participate actively in the world economy and body politic. Nepad has launched an eSchools program which envisions that within a speculative period of between 10 -15 years, every African school leaver will have the basic technological skills required to function in the Information Society, to make learners health literate and to bridge the 'digital divide' by harnessing a more equitable Global Information Society.

SchoolNet Africa is currently concluding discussions on a strategic partnership with the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) eAfrica Commission's flagship eSchools Program.


NEPAD Teacher Training request - 2003 Oct 10
To date, much of Imfundo's work has consisted of working in support of DFID programmes in specific African countries. In particular this has often involved working closely with Ministries of Education to develop and implement appropriate ICT for education strategies, often focusing on the important area of teacher training. Being part of DFID provides us with a specific niche position with respect to such activities.


World Economic Forum-NEPAD E-Africa
The countries of Africa face a diverse range of challenges and obstacles as they strive to develop their economies, decrease their dependence on the developed world, and ready hemselves for participation in the global economy. Achieving e-readiness, and the effective use of information and communications technology (ICT) as a tool for social and economic development, are key elements in these processes. The New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) offers a vehicle for African leaders to drive the necessary changes, and within the NEPAD context the e-Africa Commission has been tasked to deal with issues related to ICT..
Source: Bridges.org [1298]

NEPAD eSchool Initiative and Teacher Development
Keynote Address by Professor Peter E. Kinyanjui
Programme Commissioner/Coordinator, e-Africa Commission, NEPAD [1141]

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) is an instrument voluntarily acceded to by Member States of the African Union as an African self monitoring mechanism. [807]

What is NEPAD?
This document gives a background of NEPAD and the strategy to achieve a sustainable Africa in the 21st century. [806]

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