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Global Teenager Project

Imagine how lively lessons would be if pupils and teachers regularly went online to discuss issues such as the rainforest with pupils in Bolivia or the impact of globalisation or HIV/AIDS with pupils in Ghana and Surinam. The global teenager project has already turned this vision into an everyday reality for 3000 pupils from 20 countries, and new schools are asking to join constantly. Since it was first launched in 1999, the GTP has grown from 3 schools to 105. The result is a rapidly expanding virtual network of secondary schools in both the developing and developed world and an upcoming generation of information-literate, knowledge-oriented, culturally-aware individuals.

The aim

The aim of the Global Teenager Project is twofold: to improve the quality of secondary school education by introducing schools to the exciting new applications of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-media; and, to promote inter-cultural awareness and sensitivity by opening up regular, lively classroom debates in a safe, structured environment, comprising secondary school pupils from all over the world. The debates during the main activity, Learning Circles, take place on a Virtual Campus which can be likened to a university campus, only in cyberspace. In this way, the GTP is revolutionizing classroom teaching.

The reasons for success

The success of the project lies in its simplicity. It provides schools with a tried-and-tested, inexpensive, easily sustainable ICT package. It is also durable. This can be attributed to the fact that it is locally owned: everyone involved in the Global Teenager Project is looked upon as an equal stakeholder. Feedback is actively encouraged from all those taking part, which enables the two GTP Programme Officers to constantly improve and refine the project.

The JKF network event

In 1999, IICD and MediaPlaza set up a fellowship in memory of the late Johan Kooij, a Dutchman who firmly believed in the power of education to unite people. The Johan Kooij Fellowship (JKF) provides the Country Coordinators with an annual network event somewhere in the world. There are currently 20 IICD-appointed Country Coordinators providing continuous support and guidance to all the GTP schools, teachers and pupils in their respective countries.

GTP activities

There are a number of other GTP activities, including the Learning Circles. They range from collaborative projects, joint workshops, conferences and chat sessions.

How to join

If you would like to join the Global Teenager Project, please contact one of the GTP Programme officers directly at the email address or telephone number below. If other schools your country are already participating in the project we will bring you into contact with your Country Coordinator. Email: globalteenager@iicd.org

For more information, see http://www.iicd.org/globalteenager/

Quarterly Reports

Johan Kooij Fellowship Network Event

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