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Professor Babacar Fall is Associate Professor at The Ecole Normale Superieur (School of Education) of the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Sénégal. He is coordinating a Senegalese NGO specialized in population and education. Previously Dr Fall was the manager of a pilot project called  the promotion of family life education in the Senegalese High Schools. He was a member of the NGO Advisory Committee for the Hagues Forum (1999), Dr. Fall is presently a member of the Steering Committee o f the  “Partnership for Reproductive Heath in Africa”. Dr. Babacar Fall is a member of the SchoolNet Africa Steering Committee. He is the author of many publications on social history, population, migration and education.

Dr. Babacar Fall
Mr. Daniel Kakinda

Mme Shafika Isaacs
Afrique du Sud
Ms Nafissatou Mbodj:
High School Teacher of French and English / General English and ESP at a Technical School for 10 years.
Trainee Supervisor at the Teachers ‘ College Methodology School for 23 years.
Former Fulbright Teacher in St Louis /Mo in the United States 1995-1996
Honorary Member of Sister Cities Organization ( Saint Louis (Mo) & Saint Louis (Sénégal).
ICT World links instructor for 5 years
Computer lab Responsible for 3 years
National Coordinator of World links Sénégal since 2000
Connecticut Writing Project Consultant (class of 2002)
Executive Director of Schoolnet Africa since 2006
President of ACSU (Association Culturelle Sénégal USA ), English teacher at DELC (Dakar English Teacher of ACSU).

Mme Nafissatou Mbodj
Amr Hamdy
Joris Komen
Lucy Kinyanjui
Issa Borro
Burkina Faso

Background is in mathematics education. My working life started back in 1981 as a secondary school mathematics teacher and served for 9 years. I then moved into the Curriculum Development as a promoter of ICTs in education and mathematics teaching for another 9 years.In 1991 I went back to full time study and graduated from the School of Education at the University of Nottingham (UK) in 1992, with an Honors Degree in Mathematics Education with special focus on the use ICTs and returned back to CDU. Between 1993 and 1997 I co-authored 7 mathematics titles under CDU. During the same period I also served as ZJC Chief Examiner for mathematics and as Examiner for O Level mathematics. I also led the development of the Zimbabwe Computer Assessment Program (ZIMCAP) and the participated in the localization of the Computer Studies Curriculum at O level. My period of civil service ended with the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training where I made a contribution in the compilation of findings and recommendation for mathematics education. At the end of the commission I was granted early retirement from the Ministry in 1999. That is when I joined World Links as Education Coordinator. During my service as the Country Coordinator, World Links in Zimbabwe developed from being a Pilot to a national programme with 43 Telecentres established in schools and communities throughout the country offering basic ICT training and Telecollaborative learning opportunities to thousands of students and members of the local communities. In 2001 Big Blue, Zimbabwe's first Mobile Internet classroom, a project that Ted Sells, Tony Bloome and I championed was awarded a place in the top 100 ICT projects out of 742 submissions form all of over the world in the Stockholm Challenge and had the honor to present on the project in Stockholm, Sweden. Now as World Links Zimbabwe Executive Director, I oversee national programs focusing on the use of ICTs in education and e-learning in Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Mr. Eliada Gudza
Olaolu Sasoré



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