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SchoolNet Africa has partnership agreements with a wide range of organizations, donors, development agencies and private sector companies.

SchoolNet Africa has signed Memoranda of Understanding with the following organizations:



Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

Community Education Computer Society (CECS)

International Institue for Communication and Development ( IICD)


MultiChoice Africa

Ungana Africa

Below is a list of organisations that are in partnership with SchoolNet Africa on various projects.


African Connection
The African Connection Program under the Ac Ministerial Initiative of 1998, is an African-driven effort to make Africa a full member of the global information and knowledge society through accelerated development of country, regional and continental information infrastructure and applications in the social and productive sectors. SNA partnered with the African Connection Project on the Conference on Satellite and Wireless Connectivity for Rural Schools and Development. [1050]

InfoDev is a global grant program managed by the World Bank to promote innovative projects on the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for economic and social development, with a special emphasis on the needs of the poor in developing countries. SNA partnered with InfoDev on the historic ICTs for African Schools Workshop. [1049]

World Bank Institute
The World Bank Institute's vision is to spur the knowledge revolution in developing countries to be a global catalyst for creating, sharing, and applying the cutting-edge knowledge necessary for poverty reduction and economic development. SNA partnered with World Bank Institute on the historic ICTs for African Schools Workshop which was held in Botswana. [1048]

Bridges.org is an international non-profit organisation with a mission to help people in developing countries use information and communications technology (ICT) to improve their lives. SNA partnered with bridges on conducting the Software Comparison Study. [1047]

Botswana Government
The Botswana government partnered with SNA on the historic ICTs for African Schools Workshop held in April 2003 in Botswana. [1046]

The International Development Research Centre
The International Development Research Centre has played a pivotal role on the initial establishment of SNA. They also gave support on a software comparison study we conducted and on the historic ICTs in African Schools Workshop which was held in Gaborone, Botswana. [1045]

Advanced Network Services Inc.
SchoolNet Africa has partnered with Advanced Network Services on the ThinkQuest International and THinkQuest Africa programs. [870]

SchoolNet Africa signed a MOU with Wordspace. Together the two organisations agreed to collaborate on the African Education Knowledge Warehouse, content swaps and on the ThinkQuest Africa program. [869]

International Education And Resources Network (IEARN)
SchoolNet Africa has signed an MOU with IEARN to partner on its ThinkQuest Africa, African Teachers Network, and Champion Training Program. [868]

DFID's Imfundo Project
SchoolNet Africa is a Resource Bank Partner of the DFID’s Imfundo Project. Together the two organisations have collaborated on research and on the ICTs in African Schools Workshop in Botswana on 27 April to 2 May 2003. [867]

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