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Supporting National SchoolNets

SchoolNet Africa's mission is to support national SchoolNets in leveraging and mobilizing resources. At the same time, national SchoolNets are also supporting SchoolNet Africa by enrolling as members of SNA and by informing SNA of their experiences and how they can work with and support other SchoolNets in Africa.


SchoolNet Start-ups


SNA is working with colleagues in Kenya on an environmental scan and a workshop to discuss the development of SchoolNet Kenya. If you are interested to help please contact Lucy Kinjanjui at l.wkinyanjui@wananchi.com


SNA is working with colleagues in SchoolNet Malawi in gaining access to computers in partnership with Computer Aid International. If you are interested to help please contact Bessie Nyindera at bessie@clcom.net


SNA is working with colleagues in developing a SchoolNet Mali Business Plan leveraging resources in schoolnet start-ups. SNA is also involved in supporting teacher training in Mali. SNA has worked with SchoolNet Mali in promoting ThinkQuest Africa activities.


SNA is working with SchoolNet Mozambique in developing its Business Plan and leveraging resources for teacher training.


SNA has just made contact with colleagues who are interested in setting up a SchoolNet Sudan. A business plan is presently under way.

Ongoing support

SchoolNet Cameroon

SchoolNet Cameroon is an important national partner of SNA. SNA will be supporting the launch activities of SchoolNet Cameroon.

SchoolNet Nigeria

SNA participated in the launch of SchoolNet Nigeria in September 2001. Since then SNA has supported the SN Nigeria in developing ThinkQuest program. SNA is supporting the campaign for an e-rate in Nigeria and an awareness campaign on ICTs in education.

SchoolNet South Africa

SNSA is a long standing national partner of SNA. SNSA has been instrumental in the establishment of SNA and historically, has helped the establishment of SchoolNet Namibia. SNA has recently worked with SNSA in making available an intern from Uganda to assist with the SNSA website. SNSA is also working with SNA on the ThinkQuest Africa program by hosting and supporting the TQA server.

SchoolNet Namibia

SNA partnered with SN Namibia on a project on ICTs in Special Needs Education. SchoolNet Namibia is also involved in the ThinkQuest Africa program. For more information contact Joris Komen at joris@schoolnet.na


Partnership for Internet in Education

SNA is working with PIE in mobilizing national stakeholders in the launch of a nationally co-ordinated schoolnet program. For more information contact Eric Yankah at enyankah@ghana.com

For ongoing support and guidance you can refer to these online capacity building resources.

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