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Spotlight on ICT Innovations


The software industry in Ghana
Ghana has committed itself fully to being an intelligent, Information Society. This is pointed up most significantly in the ICT4AD policy document released by the Government of Ghana in the last few days. Ghana aims to be not only a consumer, but also a producer of ICT products, including software. [1186]

Satellite teaching for Ethiopian schools
A satellite teaching scheme that plans to beam thousands of programmes on subjects such as English, maths and science into every high school, is to be launched in Ethiopia early next year. [671]

South African Schools to get Mobile Wireless Computers
South African schools to get mobile wireless computers: Nearly 2500 schools in South Africa's Gauteng will get to use mobile wireless computers under a joint e-learning pilot project being launched by IBM and Cisco Systems [669]

Uganda Wireless Health-Care Aid
Though Uganda has a widespread and functioning health-care system, it has none of the administrative infrastructure that is taken for granted in developed countries. Satellife hopes a wireless computing network could be a first step in alleviating that. [668]

The HP 'people's notebook' runs Linux
Hewlett-Packard is selling a low-cost "people's notebook" running Linux, believed to be the first time that the US IT giant has sold a consumer computer with the open-source operating system installed. [666]

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