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Edu-SLUG is the educational software part of SLUG, the Schools Linux User Group in South Africa. SLUG installs low-cost Linux networks at schools. Edu-SLUG aims to produce software to aid teachers in education using the Outcomes Based Education system. [1471]

NetDay is a non-profit organisation that empowers schools through access to Information and Communication Technologies. Netday is highly committed to the promotion of open source software in all fields of education. From humble beginnings as a non-profit vendor of cabling kits for schools, they have matured into a fully fledged networking company with extensive technical support, training and consulting capacities. [1461]

Wireless Internet Institute
The Wireless Internet Institute serves as an international and independent think tank hosting ongoing Wireless Internet Inquiries around the world, exploring global and local industry topics, publishing a series of related white papers, and producing a yearly Wireless Internet Summit conference and the Wireless Internet Institute Industry Innovation Awards. [674]

Digital partnership
The Digital Partnership is an international partnership facilitating innovation and affordable access to technology, training and the Internet for learning, enterprise and development in developing and emerging market economies through a sustainable private/public partnership model. [673]

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