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VSAT Case Studies (Nigeria & Algeria) - 2004 Jan 16
This report covers two country case studies on VSAT commissioned by IDRC through GVF as part of CATIA component 1a and includes a number of mini-studies of VSAT project across the globe. The project team used desk research on Nigeria and Algeria to obtain background information before undertaking two field trips. The first trip was to Lagos, Nigeria in early October. The second trip was to Algiers, Algeria in early November. Both field trips consisted of interviews with stakeholders in the sector and cybercafé user surveys.
Source: researchictafrica.net

Madiba Launches World's First 'Click-And-Mortar' School - 2003 Oct 01
Former President Nelson Mandela yesterday launched the world's first 'click-and mortar' school empowered by learning materials and teaching tools. The digital satellite company, World Space, invested R4.5-million to the Freedom Park Primary School, at Freedom Park informal settlement, southwest of Johannesburg.

Bionic Youth: Too much Information? - 2003 Sep 18
For children and teens all over the globe, technology is the primary medium through which they interact socially and recreationally. Until recently, however, no research existed to indicate whether or not the exposure (or perhaps overexposure) to technology has been a benefit or detriment to young minds. In the last five years researchers have found evidence suggesting that today's children are developing an entirely different set of skills than their parents due to the brain's ability to adapt. Video games have had a particularly notable effect on visual perception, though some scientists worry that the increase in visual stimuli results in stunted emotional development and other behavioral issues.

Internet Blocking in Public Schools - 2003 Aug 19
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Online Policy Group (OPG) have cooperated to study and analyze the accessibility on the web of information related to state-mandated curriculum topics within public schools that operate Internet blocking software. This study measures the extent to which blocking software impedes the educational process by restricting access to web pages relevant to the required curriculum.

SchoolNet Namibia Unveils Wireless Solution - 2003 Jun 10
Almost two thirds of Namibian schools still don't have a telephone, but that won't keep them from accessing the internet any more.Construction has begun on an ambitiously novel project to provide internet service without need of wires or phone lines.


NetDay Cyber Security Kit for Schools
The "NetDay Cyber Security Kit for Schools" features tools and resources to raise awareness among K-12 educators, students and families about online safety and computer security. NetDay encourages education leaders to distribute these resources in schools across the country, to ensure that schools and homes -- the places where children are most likely to access computers -- are "cyber secure." [1269]

Audio for distance education and open learning
This handbook aims to set out good professional practice in the design, development and delivery of audio materials (radio, audio cassettes and audio-vision) for open and distance learning [664]

United Nations Information, Communication Technologies Task Force UNICT) Meeting [663]
INTEL Innovation.pdf

Quick Tour of a Linux Classroom
We've been using Linux on the desktop for two years now in many of our 4th-8th grade classrooms. We thought you'd like to see what an actual K12Linux solution looks like [661]

Mixing and matching distance-education software
For the first time, evolving technical standards for software are making it possible for colleges to customize distance-learning programs by easily mixing online-learning software from multiple companies. Dozens of colleges around the world are participating in creating the new standards, and hundreds of institutions, corporations, and government bodies are already applying them. [660]

New IT Dictionary compiled in Benin
A Beninese researcher has just published a dictionary of the new information and communication technologies (NICT). According to its author, Doctor Daouda Abdou Razack, seven years research was devoted to its compilation. The dictionary is bilingual (French-English). [659]

Educational uses for handheld computers
K12 Handhelds, Inc. has announced the publication and release of the book " 101 Great Educational Uses for Your Handheld Computer," a comprehensive guide on the use of handhelds for school administration, communication, collaboration, teaching, and learning. The 370-page book gives schools the information they need to implement a handheld program and covers a variety of topics from purchase considerations to classroom integration tips. [658]

Radio teaches English to rural South Africans
A South African education organisation uses the medium of radio to teach English as a second language. The radio English language-teaching programme has a participatory method, which is new to most teachers and reaches parts where other teaching methods cannot reach. [657]

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