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Scaling up girls education: towards a scorecard on girls' education in the Commonwealth
This paper presents a suggested methodology for developing a scorecard on girls’ access to and retention in formal primary schooling in Commonwealth countries in Africa. While acknowledging the limitations of scorecards in capturing the complexity of factors involved, the authors suggest that a scorecard could facilitate assessment of progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and permit comparative analysis and identification of key elements to success, thus supporting scaling up of gender equity programmes.
Source: Institute of Education, University of London, 2004 [1459]

Womenin Literacy
The goal of Women in Action is to help women undertake 2,000 life-changing projects in marginalized communities in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas by the year 2005. This initiative relies on women having gained the literacy skills they need to understand and change their daily reality. Therefore, it builds on the achievements of Women in Literacy, an initiative that has helped Laubach's partner programs provide effective literacy instruction to more than 1,000,000 of the world's disadvantaged women since its inception in 1991. [1424]

A fair chance
Attaining gender equality in basic education by 2005 [1255]

Beyond victims and villains
This report focuses on the problem of sexual violence in educational institutions all over the world. This ranges from grouping students in the cafeteria queue to rape. It is an abuse of rights, a serious obstacle to educational efforts to promote safe, healthy and equitable relationships, an impediment to equal access to education – and a catalyst for a lifetime of gender violence in the home and sexual harassment in the workplace.
Source: Panos [1230]

Computer Networking - Networking with Linux
Aimed primarily at women, the LinuxChix community offers mailing lists, annotated links to resources, and free online courses. "Men are also welcome - the only real rule is that the participants must be polite and helpful." [991]

Schools Are for Girls Too: Creating an Environment of Validation
Explores problems to providing quality education for girls. The study proposes the gender-based approach to planning education reform (GAP), which uses classroom practice and information from the school environment as the beginning point for policy-making. The study provides examples of successful GAP application in Africa and suggests that staff development activities that are school-focused have a better chance of improving student, and especially girls' performance. [647]

Statement of Women in ICT
Statement from Young Women Leaders in ICT Forum in the Pan-Arab States held at the Cairo Marriott Hotel on June 14 and 15, 2003 [646]
Statement of Women in ICT Arab League.pdf

Using ICT for Policy Advocacy
Materials from the Asian Women's Resource Exchange's 2001 WENT training programme. The modules consist of handouts and PowerPoint presentations on topics including "Integrating ICT into Policy Advocacy: Intro to Tools" and "Integrating ICT into your Communication Strategy" [645]

Women Online: Training Kit
Women Online has developed a training kit for women on how to use the Internet. The training materials consist of seven modules, a glossary, a trainer's guide and an introduction. Download the package and more. The Kit is available in English, Spanish and German. Each module of the Women Online training kit contains an introductory part about the subject of the module, a practical part explaining how to use the software it is about and suggestions for activities. The Kit also includes a Trainers Guide [644]

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