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Gender Networks

In this resourceful section you will find links to other NGOs working in the field of Gender, ICTs and Education.

To add your organisation to this list, please email: admin_aekw@schoolnetafrica.org


E-Discussion on ICTs and Gender Equality
The e-discussion will focus on the ways ICT can be used to overcome gender inequalities. We will be sharing ideas, opinions, concerns, and lessons learned with development practitioners, policy makers, and academics. To join the e-discussion, send a blank message to: join-Gender-ICT@dgroups.org. [1458]

The African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET) was set up in 1988 to share information, experiences, ideas and strategies among African women's non-governmental organisations (NGOs) through communications, networking, training and advocacy so as to advance women's development, equality and other women's human rights in Africa. [1185]

African Woman
Africa woman connects 80 female journalists from Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda,Malawi , Tanzania, Zambia and Nigeria. who meet on a monthly virtual newsroom (VNR) on this web site you can read the monthly newspapers which are the products of our pioneering virtual meetings across the African continent and across the Equator! [1165]

Commonwealth Women's Network
This NGO Commonwealth Women's Network is a pioneering body within the realm of the Commonwealth community and is aimed at improving the quality of life of women throughout the Commonwealth. The Network is sensitive to the national and regional concerns of its members and aims at bringing existing organizations and networks in the Commonwealth together. [1112]

Feminist Africa
Feminist Africa provides a forum for progressive, cutting-edge gender research and feminist dialogue focused on the continent. By prioritising intellectual rigor, the journal seeks to challenge the technocratic fragmentation resulting from donor-driven and narrowly developmentalist work on gender in Africa. [973]

Gender and Women Studies for Transformation
The project will strengthen African teaching and research in gender studies by bringing teachers and researchers based in African universities together in a series of carefully-designed training, research and publishing activities, involving a combination of online communications and workshops. [972]

Flamme - African Sisters Online
At the time of the 5th Regional Conference on Women (Dakar, 1994) Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as an issue and as a tool for women's agenda was almost ignored. The ICTs for women issue was highlighted in the Beijing Conference, but poorly at the African level. Since then, the context of ICTs in Africa has evolved a lot, and different initiatives have been set up for women in the field of ICTs in Africa. [850]

African Centre for Gender and Development
As Division of the ECA, the ACGD operates under the statutory guidance of the Commission's subsidiary organs. It accounts for its activities at the Conference of Ministers through the Committee of Women and Development (CWD). [772]

Fantsuam Foundation
A non-profit organization that works with rural communities in Nigeria to bring distance learning and Internet access to rural communities, through mobile community telecenters. The Foundation also has an on-going micro-credit project aimed at alleviating poverty among rural women. [759]

The Commonwealth
The Commonwealth works to provide a policy and social environment conducive to promoting democracy, good governance, human rights, economic and social development and gender equality. [634]

Girls Global Education Fund
GGEF is unique in that they are the only organization whose sole mission is to send girls to schools. To address the gender gap that exists between girls' and boys' education they wanted to give girls a program of their own. [633]

Girls' Education Monitoring System
This interactive website is dedicated to issues of monitoring and evaluation of girls' education. It is a forum for the worldwide sharing of experiences, strategies and results. [632]

Save the Children
There are different approaches to investing in girls' education. The previous example from Save the Children (SC) experience in Mangochi, Malawi is one of several that illustrate how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) support girls' education efforts and contribute to the realization of Education for All. SC does so in partnership with local communities, NGOs and government ministries around the world. [631]

Community Action for Girls' Education
The Community Action for Girls' Education (CAGE) initiative is a two-year pilot project designed to facilitate community-based activities in support of girls' education and to raise the participation of rural girls in Benin by eliminating or diminishing obstacles to their successful schooling that occur outside of the school and classroom. [629]

INSTRAW works towards gender equality and the empowerment of women through its Gender Awareness Information and Networking System (GAINS), an internet-based research and training environment driven by a worldwide network. By facilitating collaborative work it seeks to create and share knowledge to improve development policy and practice. [628]

The Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) was created in 1992 as a response to the slow pace of implementation of Education for All goals in sub-Saharan Africa. [627]

Women'sNet is a vibrant and innovative networking support program designed to enable South African women to use the Internet to find the people, issues, resources and tools needed for women's social activism. [626]

WSIS Gender Caucus
The WSIS Gender Caucus consists of representatives of organisations that responded to an invitation by UNIFEM to contribute to ensuring that gender dimensions are included in the process of defining and creating a Global Information Society that contributes to sustainable development and human security. [625]

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