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This section provides teachers with links to various teacher training centres and online resources for teaching enhancement.Articles, Papers & Research on Teaching!

Schools Online In Africa

Teaching through ICTs


Web Based Curriculum
Web Based Curriculum is an online curriculum management platform that will probably provide you with ideas in developing, designing or help you with your choice of platform when it comes to curriculum management. Please visit and the site and use the user details provided to access it features. [942]

The Benefits of Information Technology
This is a resource that highlights some of the benefits of Information Technology with emphasis to skills, its use by the education community and an evaluation of its impact. [940]

Institute for Learning Technology
Learning from the rest of the world: Entering the 21st century, Americans embark on an era of historic change in which they are using new information technologies to renovate education and society for the betterment of humankind. The Institute for Learning Technologies seeks to help advance these changes by exerting educational leadership through innovative projects, seminal research, and enlightened counsel. It aims to nurture, in a sustained manner, the humane application of information technologies, expanding educational opportunity and achievement for all. [939]

POWER AND PEDAGOGY: Transforming Education through Information Technology is a book written by Robbie McClintock and it depicts some of the realities and challenges that face the use of ICTs in education. The book is freely available on the net and readers have been given the right to reproduce it and distribute it is for critical, educational, or scholarly use, and provided they do not alter the text or distribute bulk reproductions for profit. [938]

TechKnowLogia is an international online journal that provides policy makers, strategists, practitioners and technologists at the local, national and global levels. It has great mind blowing articles and it is highly recommended that you do register if you are serious about education, especially with ICTs in education. You may have a sneak preview by visiting the table of contents by visiting the link below. Registration is free so what are you waiting for? [936]

African Digital Library
The Mission of the African Digital Library (ADL) is to provide digitised full text resources to learners in Africa via the Internet, thereby contributing to the revitalization of education and life long learning on the continent and alleviation of the digital divide between First and Third world countries. The ADL was created in the spirit of the African Renaissance. The ADL is a collection of electronic books (eBooks) that can be accessed and used free-of-charge by any person living on the African continent. Individuals can access the library from any PC that is connected to the Internet, but he/she needs to register and living in Africa. [783]

ICT in Education
Links to articles, research studies and papers which explain how education has changed to adapt to the new knowledge society and how information technology has contributed to the educational reform and improvements in teaching and learning. [782]

Testing times for teachers: educational assessment in South Africa
What happens when continuous assessment (CA) is added to established teaching practices? Do teachers need to rethink their current attitudes towards CA? Are teachers overly concerned with control? How can a change of attitude be encouraged? Could better assessment raise the quality of student learning? [351]

Going head-to-head: developing headteacher support groups in Kenya
Kenyan primary schools are starting to equip themselves to promote gender equality, poverty alleviation and local economic growth. How can headteachers gain the necessary managerial and community liaison skills? Is a cascade system the best way to help them develop new expertise? What scope is there for learning from the bottom up to improve community-school partnerships? [350]

Does investing in education reduce poverty? Evidence from Ghana, Uganda and South Africa
Three broad facts about education have emerged from recent research. Firstly, almost universally education is found to lift people out of poverty. Secondly, when a comparison is made between investing in education and other forms of investment, the returns from investing in education are on average lower. Thirdly, the returns to education – in the sense of the increment in income that accrues to each year of education – are much higher for those with higher levels of education. What factors influence these trends? [349]

Can virtual education travel South?
Virtual education is now on the agenda of most organisations concerned with education and training. But is there any evidence that virtual learning is adding value to existing, more traditional delivery models? Can new technologies deliver accessible, flexible and revenue-generating programmes and courses in developing countries? [348]

Ten Ways Online Education Matches, or Surpasses, Face-to-Face Learning
Now that we are gearing towards the online EDN training for ATN members, you want to have a look at this article [347]

The Teacher Tap
The Teacher Tap is a free, professional development resource that helps educators address common technology integration questions by providing practical, online resources and activities. Be sure to check back periodically. We'll be adding new resources regularly. [346]

Distance Education Leadership for the New Century
Considering the plethoric number of out of school youth, distance education may just be one of the solutions and this article/resource provides an insight to one of the most lacked aspect: Leadership. [345]

ACADEMIC IMPACT: Giving kids laptops excites educators
This article just shows us how much ICTs are changing the face of education. Although it is happening in the US, this can serve as a motivation for us to promote its use in African schools. [344]

An Interactive Learning
Learnthings South Africa is a dynamic and interactive site that gives visitors a taste of how to bring learning to life by engaging user on a path of discovery.
Please do visit, I personally enjoyed it and I know you will too. [343]

Classroom Connect Sample Newsletter
A number of links to free articles provieded by Classroom Connect for teachers who are interested in technology integration. First published in 1994, the Connected Newsletter remains a practical and popular resource that helps teachers easily incorporate technology and the Internet into their teaching. [342]

Classroom Connect
For nearly a decade, Classroom Connect has established a reputation for delivering high quality professional development programs and online instructional materials to meet the changing needs of K-12 school districts nationwide. Today, the company’s products are delivered online, face-to-face, at conferences, and in print, and are available by subject areas that include Reading, Math, Technology Integration, Curriculum & Instruction, and Educational Leadership. [341]

School Leaders
Recent research stresses the key role of the contemporary principal to serve as an instructional leader who, in turn, promotes teacher growth and enhances learning outcomes. In contexts of both the developed and developing world, the role of the school principal or headteacher is changing in response to the increasing devolution of responsibility to school level and the variety of demands and pressures that this brings. The more the focus shifts to how effective each school is and how well its pupils are performing, the greater the need for pedagogic and organizational leadership. [340]

European Schoolnet's School Managers Centre
This is a project of the European Schoolnet in partnership with ESHA (European School Heads Association), the City of Helsinki Education Department and the European Commission.
This is a project worth implementing in Africa [339]

The Teachers' Guide to Learning Circles
The Teachers' Guide to Learning Circles, by Margaret Riel provides detailed descriptions of Learning Circles and includes many suggestions on how to structure cross-classroom collaborations in your classrooms [338]

Learning Circle Slide Show
Learning Circles are highly interactive, project-based partnerships among a small number of schools located throughout the world. There are two sessions each year, September-January and January-May. To join iEARN Learning Circles, you must first be a member of iEARN and complete an iEARN Learning Circle placement form two weeks before the beginning of the session. Once you complete the placement form you will be placed in a circle for the next session. [337]

Nicenet's Internet Classroom Assistant
Nicenet is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing free services to the Internet community. Nicenet's primary offering, the Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) is designed to address the pedagogical needs and limited resources of teachers and their students.
Before the commercial frenzy of the "dot com" years the Internet was home to a thriving culture of openness and sharing. This culture was born from the distributed, peer-to-peer nature of the Net, a model that to this day stands in stark contrast to the one-to-many print and broadcast commercial mass media. Nicenet's foundation was built upon this spirit of free flowing ideas and new possibilities. [336]

International Conference on Education's Recommendations
This site provide visitors with recommendations made by the International Conference on Eductaion since 1934 to date. [335]

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future
Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future is a multimedia teacher education programme published by UNESCO. It contains 25 professional development modules for teachers, teacher educators and student teachers, as well as curriculum developers, education policy makers, and authors of educational materials. The programme may be used in both pre- and in-service teacher education, by individuals or by groups. [333]

Activate Online a product of Mindset Network
Within the next month we will begin rolling out full curriculum support for Grades 10, 11 and 12 in Maths, Science and Biology. [332]

Centre for the Advancment of Science and Mathematics Education
The mission of CASME is to be a centre of excellence in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education through the development of sustainable models for the professional development of educators. [331]

Tips for Internet Users
Want to learn about the Internet, Netscape, and your browser? Here would be a great place to start. [330]

Internet for Beginners
Internet for Beginners aims at demystifying the Internet - to make it simple, non-intimidating, and most of all, fun! Here's a quick look at what you'll find here: [329]

Learn the Net
Learn the Net's website went online in April, 1996. Since its launch, thousands of businesses, Internet service providers, schools, libraries, and community organizations from around the world have linked to the site as a way of providing comprehensive, user-friendly Internet training. [328]

Action Speaks
Statement from MOE Asmal... "We cannot afford to keep people who do not make a difference in our education. If we do that we pay too high a price."
Actions Speak takes therefore the challenge to provide educators with a variety of teaching skills, techniques and material which will help to alleviate the problems we are currently facing in South African education. [327]

Teacher's for Africa
Teacher's For Africa offers training for individuals desiring to lead and to teach in the family, school and church. Training students in a Christian worldview with an emphasis on God, government, and education, specifically with an African context. A ministry of YWAM located in Namibia, Southern Africa. [326]

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